How wedding ceremonies are changing in COVID-19

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How wedding ceremonies are changing in COVID-19, and how Sultan Hall will make your wedding magical in this pandemic?

Weddings are undeniable, and one cannot stop this everyday phenomenon. So now weddings have to be planned more carefully than ever. Sultan Hall is always there to organize things for you at every step.

COVID-19 has changed world dynamics. The usual working of everything and every activity has turned upside down. So, we, Sultan Hall, organize your wedding event differently than before.

We will organize your weddings in the best possible manner keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Sultan Hall will come up with creative and safe ways to celebrate your wedding. These weddings post-COVID will be different from normal weddings.

wedding chairs

wedding chairs

The terms such as ‘social distancing’ have been added to our dictionaries. It is evident that the fewer people you interact with, the less likely to be affected. In this situation, the couple should usually opt for an intimate wedding. Minimize the guest list and include only the array of people who are very important to you. Although, removing people from the list can be pretty heartbreaking. It is not an easy task, but it has to be adopted as a custom to ensure safety. The smaller the wedding, the larger is its impact. It will also allow the bride and groom to experience every minute detail distinctly and peacefully. We will make sure that - 

  • Every element involved in the ceremony is well sanitized as it is very important.
  • The venue is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized not leaving any crook and corner.
  • The seating arrangement walks in the path of social distancing.
  • The seating is placed with the proper distance and arranged family-wise.
  • Sanitization stations are kept wherever necessary so that people can easily access sanitizers and wipes.
  • Fix the seating to a particular person by placing a name card so that people will not incline to change their seating.

At the entrance, one has to be welcomed with a sanitizer. You can make your wedding more creative and add your touch of authenticity to it. You can provide your guests with a pre-wedding kit containing your wedding customized designer masks and gloves, sanitizer, wipes, etc.

You don’t have to worry about your wedding celebrations because Sultan Hall will ensure that you experience every bit of your wedding without taking any stress from this covid pandemic.

Reach out to us, and you will feel more comfortable conducting your wedding in the Sultan Hall.